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Video: US Man Threatens To Jump From High-Rise Building After FBI Brings Arrest Warrant 1
After around 8 hour standoff, Mr Mitchell was arrested.A man in the United States on Wednesday threatened to jump from a 31st-floor window of a Manhattan skyscraper as federal agents attempted to serve a search warrant. According to New York Post, the cops said that FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) agents were trying to execute an arrest warrant on 35-year-old Ian Mitchell for financial fraud charges when he broke the window inside an apartment within the 72-story CitySpire high-rise building and attempted to climb out. A video going viral on social media showed Mr Mitchell with his legs dangling from the window as people stood outside watching and filming. One image also showed his upper body covered in a white curtain or sheet as he sat in the window. He appeared to be wearing a black T-shirt and black pants. Take a look below: Meanwhile in Manhattan, a guy wanted by the FBI is still threatening to jump from the 31st floor for over 2— I Meme Therefore I Am 🇺🇸 (@ImMeme0) March 22, 2023As per the Post, Mr Mitchell was allegedly suicidal and threatening to jump from the 31st floor. The New York Police Department’s (NYPD) Emergency Services Unit responded to the scene and even set up an air cushion right in the middle of the street as talks continued to try to get the man to give up peacefully. Also Read | Jack Dorsey Loses $526 Million Net Worth Hours After Hindenburg ReportWhen negotiations failed to bring the encounter to an end, authorities then decided to take a more dramatic approach. One official climbed out of a window just a floor above Mr Mitchell, rappelling down the side of the building to rescue the man and help police bring him under arrest. The Emergency Service Unit rises and rappels to the challenges across this city, they are everything that we need them to be when needed and today was no exception.Another example of courage and heroism from your NYPD.— Commissioner Sewell (@NYPDPC) March 22, 2023After around 8 hour standoff, Mr Mitchell was arrested. He was ushered out of the building covered in a white sheet. He was put in an ambulance and taken to a hospital for a psychiatric evaluation.As per the Post, the FBI was serving an arrest warrant for a “white-collar crime”. The 35-year-old had allegedly once posed as the scion of a wealthy Jamaican family in order to trick investors into forking over hundreds of thousands of dollars for his own personal gain. He passed himself off as investment banker “Ian Matalon,” a relative of the wealthy Jamaican businessman Joseph Matalon, and duped at least three victims into investing in a fake hedge fund, the police alleged.Mr Mitchell allegedly stole half the life savings of an Air Force veteran and more than $158,000 from a businessman. 

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