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She’s a fighter, a user commented.New Delhi: Inspiring videos of food delivery executives braving the heat and rain have been widely shared recently. In another inspiring video shared on Twitter, a Swiggy delivery executive is seen on a wheelchair scooter riding on the road.Delhi Commission for Women Swati Maliwal shared the video, and said, “Life is without a doubt difficult, but we will not give up. I salute this spirit.”बेशक मुश्किल है ज़िन्दगी… हमने कौनसा हार मानना सीखा है! सलाम है इस जज्बे को ♥️— Swati Maliwal (@SwatiJaiHind) September 10, 2022Responding to the video, another user shared a clip of a Zomato delivery executive on a similar wheelchair scooter on his way to make a delivery.Check this one also— Abhishek Pratap Singh (@Aadavan07) September 10, 2022People flooded the comments section with praise. A user said that while she salutes the lady and her hard work, “it forces me to think whether as a society and government, we fail to cater the needs of specially-abled”.Yes I salute lady and her hardwork.But it forces me to think.Weither as a society and government, we fail to cater the needs of handicapped people.So they need to go through such a hardship.— Vivek Datar (@Vivek_Datar) September 10, 2022″There are those who fight to change their circumstances and those who accept things as they are … She’s a fighter,” another user commented. Click for more trending news

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