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Russia-Ukraine war: The husky dog hugged its owner after being reunited.A dog which was lost for days due to violence in Ukrainian city of Bucha, recently reunited with its owner and the emotional reunion is melting hearts online. Bucha was shaken by the atrocities of Russian troops, with photos from the city showing widespread devastation.As Russians moved to occupy Bucha, a husky dog got separated from its owner. When the city was recaptured by Ukraine, the Kastus Kalinouski Battalion – a Belarusian unit fighting with Ukraine – found the dog wandering in the streets.They saved the husky, named it Nessie and set out to locate its owner. And they succeeded in doing that.Videos posted online show Nessie and her owner were reunited in a supermarket car park. As soon as she sees her owner, the husky breaks into a run.The two then hug each other and the owner shakes the hand of a soldier who brought the dog back. The emotional reunion warmed the hearts of many social media users.“Thanks for going back for her, guy. Thanks to everyone who helped,” a user wrote on Instagram.The battalion posted the video with the caption: “A little bit of positivity in these difficult times.”“While recapturing Bucha, we found Nessie the dog left alone. But thanks to our friends we found her hosts and today she is back to them,” the post further said.Ukrainian authorities have accused Russia of war crimes, following the unearthing of mass graves in Bucha and the discovery of bodies whose hands had been tied and shot in the head.But Russia has denied allegations of extra-judicial killings, torture and abuse of civilians.The Kremlin has said its forces are not targeting civilians, and accused Ukrainian authorities and the West of fabricating evidence.

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