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President Rajapaksa was moved to the Army headquarters last night, sources said.Colombo: Protesters were seen swimming in the pool and cooking in the kitchen after they barged into Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s official residence amid worsening public anger over an unprecedented economic crisis. The pool was surrounded by a mob of protesters waving the country’s national flags.Meanwhile, the kitchen was packed and a group of protesters gathered around a large table with utensils and other items scattered on it. Another group was seen cooking.President Rajapaksa was shifted to the Army headquarters last year after intelligence reports warned that the situation “would go out of control”, a top government source told NDTV.Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe has summoned an urgent meeting of party leaders to discuss a resolution to the situation. He has also requested the Speaker to summon the Parliament.Sri Lanka is battling food and fuel shortages besides prolonged blackouts and runaway inflation after the island nation ran out of foreign reserves to import essentials. Thousands have been protesting in the country, demanding the resignation of President Rajapaksa.A curfew issued yesterday ahead of today’s mass rally was lifted after opposition parties and activists threatened to sue the police chief.

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