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The video has amassed 1 million viewsAnimal videos have always been liked on the internet. It is not just adorable, it also helps in releasing stress. Whether they are enjoying a yummy snack or playing with each other, these clips rake in views by the millions. And a recent viral video was no different. A Twitter user by the name of Buitengebieden shared an absolutely adorable video of an otter juggling a pebble on its chest.The video shows the otter shuffling pebbles back and forth quickly between its front paws while lying on a bed of rocks.Watch the video here: Juggling otter.. 😊🎥 IG: rosierockets— Buitengebieden (@buitengebieden) September 29, 2022The video was posted on September 29 and so far it has amassed 1 million views, 39,700 likes and several comments. The otter’s balancing skills have impressed the internet. A user wrote, “Seals, Otters and Beavers are ridiculously cute. I just want them all to be happy and live forever.” Another user wrote, “I love otters! They are sooooo multi-talented!!!” The third comment read, “It kind of looks like this cute otter is just practising for when it gets together with its other otter friends & they play ‘pass the hot potato.”Well, there is a scientific reason why otters juggle pebbles. A journal Royal Society Open Science says that researchers believed that rock juggling – where otters bat or throw stones in the air, catch them and even roll them around on their chests and necks – was their way of practising or improving the way they retrieve food from mussels, clams and other things they would typically forage in the wild, reported CNN. Click for more trending news

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