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The video has accumulated more than 4 million views and nearly one million likes.A heartwarming video of a school-going girl taking care of her visually impaired parents at a street food stall in Mumbai is going viral on social media. Instagram user, Mith Indulkar, shared the video four days ago and since then it has accumulated more than 4 million views and nearly one million likes. “I got so emotional when I saw them for the first time. Every day I was seeing them coming to this shop (Mauli Vade – Jhangid, Mira road) Parents are blind but they are watching world through her daughters eyes. This small girl taught us so many things. ‘No one cares you more than your parents, So care them before they leaves you,” Mith Indulkar wrote in the caption of the post. Watch the video below: In the video, the little girl is seen helping her parents and serving them snacks as the couple sits down to eat at the roadside shop. In the end, the couple is also seen getting up and walking as their daughter leads the way. Internet users were quick to react to the wholesome video. They flooded the comment section with heart and clapping emojis. Viral Video | Elderly Man Dances To ‘Titliaan Warga’, Internet Is Awestruck”It’s really heart touching and peaceful to see there’s beautiful bond,” wrote one user. “If anyone hurts this girl, we go to war,” said another. A third user commented, “She’s doing what majority of teenagers and grownups fail to realise they should be doing, Taking Care of her parents at such a tender age.” A fourth added, “World needs more of this small girl more than any of grown people here.”Meanwhile, speaking of heartwarming gestures by daughters, previously a video showing a daughter getting her 50-year-old mother remarried melted hearts online. Deb Arti Ria Chakravorty from Shillong shared her mother’s wedding ceremony behind-the-scenes in an adorable reel. Her mother got married in March this year.Click for more trending newsFeatured Video Of The DayNDTV’s Anurag Dwary Wins Red Ink Award For Excellence In Journalism

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