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The video has garnered more than 521,000 likes and over five million views.A heartwarming video of a rural farmer in Punjab posing for a professional photographer is gaining traction on social media. The short clip was shared a few days back on Instagram by Sutej Singh Pannu, and since then it has garnered more than 521,000 likes and over five million views. The video opened to show Mr Sutej asking the farmer in Punjabi if he can click his photograph just like the way he is standing. The farmer then replied to him, “Why not, go ahead.” He then started getting ready to pose and fix his moustache. Mr Sutej then jokingly told the farmer that he can curl his moustache more if he wants, following which both of them started laughing wholeheartedly. Watch the video below: At the end of the video, Mr Sutej also prints out the photo and gives it to the farmer, who then looks at it and says that it is amazing. In the caption of the post, Mr Sutej wrote, “Internally within your mind visualize the life you want to manifest outwardly, deeply believe and embody this visualization inside your heart. Keep faith and vibrate from the intent of wish being fulfilled. As you think inwardly so shall you receive outwardly, use this super power of thought to consciously bring a life of love, peace and abundance to surface of your existence.””Hold a mental picture of how you see yourself while that dream and desire is getting fulfilled. Gratitude, openness and continuous positive vibe will help you to attract this future self to the present self. Life is magical and you are the magician of your life, wake up to your true eternal divine self to heal within and to live your life from space of abundance,” he added. Also Read | Children’s Note When They See A Stranger Entering Woman’s House Is ViralInstagram users were quick to react to the video. They were simply delighted after looking at the farmer’s zest and spirit, and they flooded the comment section with hearts and fire emojis. “Why am I about to cry,” wrote one user. “The way he smiled. It’s a blessing to see such beautiful people,” said another. A third user commented, “Feel very emotional, reminded of my grandfather.” “Pure souls, innocence and gratitude exquisitely captured… thank you for this gift to all of us,” added fourth. Click for more trending newsFeatured Video Of The Day”I Can Never Forget That”: Taapsee Pannu On Her Most Embarrassing Moment | Jai Jawan Rapid Fire

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