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“She’s clearly winning,” reads the caption of the video.In many ways, cats are chaotic and eccentric creatures. They might exhibit cuddly sweetness one minute and then become snobbish and haughty the next. Although some cat behaviours are funny or cute, others can be extremely strange. In one such instance, a cat was seen playing door hockey with its owner while she was in the bathroom.The video was shared on Instagram by Luna, a cat account,  two weeks ago. In the clip, a woman can be seen kicking a hair tie from underneath the door towards the kitty. The cat then kicks it back towards the woman. This repeats for some time. One call also notice the cat’s paw sliding underneath the door towards the end of the video. The woman then opens the door and shows the cat who is lying down on the floor adorably. Luna is a Siberian forest cat rescued in 2020 and currently living in Washington, DC, as per the Instagram handle.The short clip has four million views and five lakh likes. “She’s clearly winning,” reads the caption of the video.”The kitty reveal was very important,” said one person.”Omg this is one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen!!,” said a second person.”This cat is very smart: he has you trained to play floor hockey, in the bathroom!” remarked a third.Another one asked, “Izzit cheating if his paws extend past the door to pass the hair tie back to you?”Sharing a similar experience, a person said, “Mine plays door hockey with my toes I think I need to try this.”Also Read: Viral Video: Cat Assists An Electrician, Internet In Splits”I had a wonderful little kitty who would play door hockey every time I was in the bathroom. This brings back great memories.  I still find milk bottle caps around the house a year later,” commented another user. Click for more trending newsFeatured Video Of The DayAIIMS Cyber Attack: Cops Seek Information On Chinese Hackers

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