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Video of Candle-Relighting Trick Is Burning Up The Social Media 1
This is how you use smoke to relight the candle.A video that is going viral online demonstrates a special method for relighting candles. What “Science Girl” demonstrated on Twitter will undoubtedly become your next dinner party trick.The Twitter post has the caption, “Lighting a candle using its own smoke,” as its source.She explains the activity in detail in the comment section and writes: “See that white smoke when the candle goes out?” That’s paraffin wax vapor. “It’s the unburned fuel particles, including unburned carbon, that make this fuel trail flammable. As seen here, it can be ignited.”Watch the video here: Lighting a candle using its own— Science girl (@gunsnrosesgirl3) January 1, 2023People began responding to the video with their own original, useful videos.The post has received over 150,000 likes and 14 million views since it was published on Twitter on January 1; the numbers are still rising. Many people have also been prompted by it to post their opinions in the comments area.A lot of individuals are posting their own videos on this method.It works! 😁🔥— Iryna Livkovych 🇺🇦 (@ILivkovich) January 1,— Makoa (@MakNut86) January 2, 2023″So how does that apply in the real world?” asked one user.The science girl replied to the user that “In the real world, large fires produce huge plumes of smoke in which leftover fuel that is not completely burned can reignite.”Click for more trending newsFeatured Video Of The Day”Accused A BJP Member”: AAP Alleges Cover-Up After Woman Dragged By Car

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