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The snake in the video is not real and is just an installation in a zoo in China.The sight of a snake can send shivers down the spine and make one run for life. But what if you come across a giant snake that has wrapped itself around a car? This viral video – not for the faint hearted – will surely give you ‘Anaconda’ vibes.Shared on Twitter, the clip shows a man pointing towards a vehicle with a huge snake wrapped around it. From a distance, the snake, due to massive size, seems to have partially lifted the van – but wait!How’s your anxiety!?— Rex Chapman???????? (@RexChapman) August 3, 2022While many could be heard screaming in the background, the serpent is not seen moving in the clip. An user, meanwhile, pointed out that it’s fake – due to the pattern on its body and its colour.Since being posted, the video has amassed over 2 million views on Twitter.”Good attempt but a failed one,” said the user who doubted the authenticity of the video and labelled the snake as “fake”.It’s fake the design, colour and tail all looks so fake.. good attempt but a failed one— Milap Thaker (@milapkthaker) August 2, 2022Meanwhile, Twitter users chipped in with their speculations. This one commented on what would have happened to the driver.Digesting the driver— Dave Czaja ???????? (@DZaia40) August 3, 2022Another user said that her six-year-old son has been watching this on loop. Here’s what the child asked after that:My six year old son is thrilled by this and watching on repeat ????????. He said, mom, that snake could eat a whole panda ????. Lol.— Kaye (@KayeSteinsapir) August 3, 2022This user asked what a snake needs to eat to grow that big. “A humpback whale?”What’s a snake gotta eat to grow that large? A humpback whale?— Joey D (@OldSchool_JoeyD) August 3, 2022Another vowed to never visit the place where the enormous snake belongs to.I don’t know where this is but I know I’ll never go there…..????— Mary Meacham ????☮️ (@MaryPlanAhead) August 3, 2022Another opted for hibernation – if this turns out to be real. If that’s real, I’m not going to sleep for a month.— Kilgore Trout (@CohibaSmkr) August 3, 2022Meanwhile, there were a few who opted for the side that termed it fake. This one was quite confident that the video was definitely not real.this is fake and y’all know it— ???? (@forgottencoke) August 4, 2022This one too refused to believe that the reptile was real.That can’t be real. ????— Emma Zacharin (@EZacharin) August 3, 2022FACT CHECK:According to fact-checking website Snopes, the snake in the video is not real. The website claims the serpent is just an art installation in a zoo in China.The video was shot at the Zhongnan Baicao Garden zoo and amusement park in the Zhejiang province of China. An Instagram page, NatureLife_Ok, shared a video of the installation from a different angle and it was quite obvious that it was merely an installation. In the clip, giant fake eggs were also seen as part of the installation.So, did you fall for it?Click for more trending news

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