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Video: Friend Of Woman Dragged By Car Seen Walking Away From Crash Site 1
Nidhi was seen in the CCTV camera 150 metres from the crash site.New Delhi: Moments after her friend was run over by a car in the early hours of New Year’s Day and dragged away, ensnared in its undercarriage, a Delhi woman who was with her has been seen walking away from the crash site, in the latest security camera clip to emerge in an episode that has shocked the country.Nidhi is seen walking through a narrow lane barely 150 metres away from where the scooter being driven by her friend Anjali Singh collided with a car carrying five drunk men, police sources said on Wednesday.Her actions following the crash – when she did not alert anyone and was only traced by the police combing through security camera footage in the following days – are under scrutiny.According to her, she left the scene in panic after the collision. She did not tell anyone about the accident “out of fear”, Nidhi has said.In the collision soon after, Anjali fell in front of the car while Nidhi fell on the other side and escaped without injury, she has told the magistrate.

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