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The video shows a monkey with her baby crashing a wedding photoshootFor many people, the wedding day is supposed to be the happiest and the most important day of their lives. Although the main details of the day remain etched in minds forever, the smaller ones can be forgotten with time. That’s why wedding photographs and videos are essential to preserve and keep alive every little detail of the wedding ceremony. One such couple got a little too extra when a monkey crashed their photoshoot, leaving them both scared and amused.”Can’t believe our videographers got this on film, what a wild day!!’ We loveee this, and the baby on her back,” read the caption of the video shared on Instagram. A text insert in the video reads, “POV: A monkey crashes your wedding.”Watch the video here:In the video, the groom can be seen twirling his wife for a romantic video, when a curious monkey with a baby on its back, decides to crash the photo shoot. The monkey first approaches the bride who gets a little scared and turns her back. The monkey then climbs on the groom’s hand with its baby and gets quite comfortable in his lap. It’s as if the monkey also wanted to get clicked. Meanwhile, the calm groom holds them and poses for pictures with them, while smiling. Later on, the bride also gets comfortable in the monkey’s presence and lovingly caresses it. Moments later, the couple continues with their photoshoot, while the primate and her baby watch on.The video has gone viral on Instagram, with more than 2.9 lakh likes and hundreds of amused comments. People loved their wholesome interaction and appreciated the couple for being patient and sweet towards the monkeys, instead of shooing them away. One user wrote, ”She said: “hey hey I wanna be held now too!” Another commented, ” “imma steal your man Girrrrrl”. A third also joked saying, ” She was clearly looking for a husband and she chose yours.” A fourth said, ”As a photographer, this is a dream come true. What great, unique photos those will be!” Another commented, ” They felt the love and wanted to be a part of their big day too.” Click for more trending newsFeatured Video Of The DayWatch: Man Offers To Take Holy Dip In Freezing Water For Others For Rs. 10

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