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Video: Boy Imitates His Father While Watching Football Match, His Cute Reactions Go Viral 1
A child and his father are watching a game.Young children pick up skills by copying adults in their environment. This is one of those statements that we’ve all heard and known. Young children pick up knowledge from their parents, babysitters, and even television. On the internet, a video of a youngster exhibiting comparable qualities and habits has become popular.The Kid is imitating his father while watching a football match, which is something that will brighten your day. In the beginning of the video, the child appears to be having a good time.The child appears to be delighted at first in the video, but as the match progresses, he realises that his father is concerned, so the child immediately imitates him and begins to show despair while keeping both of his tiny hands on his face.Watch the video here: 2-year-old Theo watching a game with his dad.. 😂🎥 IG: marika.m.hjorth— Buitengebieden (@buitengebieden) December 27, 2022The video, which features his adorable reactions, has received so much attention on the internet that it has received over six million views. More than 63,000 people have liked it on Twitter, and many have left interesting remarks in the comment section.”Amazingly cute and sweet! and confirmation that parents truly do initially teach their kids what their opinions should be (whether we want to or not). Some kids realise when they’re older that they can or should have a different opinion, while others never pivot,” commented one user.”At the end, he’s clearly rooting for the other team and just trying to appease dear old dad,” wrote another user.Click for more trending newsFeatured Video Of The Day100 Flights Disrupted At Delhi Airport Due To Thick Fog

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