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Students were seen being slapped by seniors at a medical college in Madhya PradeshBhopal: A video has emerged of senior students slapping a long line of juniors, standing with their backs against a wall, at a medical college in Madhya Pradesh, less than a week after another ragging incident was reported from the state’s biggest government medical college.The two incidents of severe ragging in Madhya Pradesh in a span of less than a week clearly suggest students do not care about the consequences of their actions, education officials have said.The latest ragging incident was reported from a medical college in Ratlam district.In the nearly 3-minute-long video, several senior students are seen slapping a long line of junior students, who quietly stare at the floor with their heads down as they take the blow, one by one. The senior students are also heard abusing the younger students who are huddled together.After the shocking episode of ragging at MGM Medical College in Indore,now in Ratlam juniors slapped by seniors, college committee has recommended the suspension of concerned seniors, permanent expulsion from the hostel. and lodging criminal case against them— Anurag Dwary (@Anurag_Dwary) July 30, 2022Dr Jagdish Hundekari, professor and head of department of the Physiology Department, said the incident did happen – the video is of ragging of 2021 batch students by the 2020 batch. Only that, Dr Hundekari added, the hostel warden submitted a report this Friday.The matter was reported to the college administration through the National Medical Commission helpline, after which a meeting of the college’s anti-ragging committee was held.Taking note of recent incidents of ragging, the committee recommended the senior students should be suspended from classes for six months and permanently banned from staying in the hostel.The committee has also recommended filing a criminal case against the seniors.

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