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The men decided to help the driver after seeing smoke billowing from the car.Five men pulled out the driver from a burning car in Ontario, Canada, this week after a harrowing rescue that was caught on camera. The driver, a 36-year-old man from Toronto, experienced a “medical episode” while on a highway on Monday morning, according to Ontario Provincial Police (OPP).The video of the daring rescue has been posted by the OPP on its social media channels. A 36 year old man from Toronto who experienced a medical episode is alive because of the heroic efforts of five men who risked their lives as the vehicle began to burn with the driver still inside. They got the drivers door open to save the driver. You are my #HERO. July 4, ’22— OPP Highway Safety Division (@OPP_HSD) July 7, 2022As the video starts, a white sedan is seen on the highway with smoke billowing from it. Seconds later, the car is shown crashed and engulfed under thick black smoke.The clip then shows five men, who didn’t know the driver, trying their best to pull the man out before something unfortunate happens. Meanwhile, a blaze is seen emerging from the vehicle.Realising the danger, the men speed up their efforts, using their feet, elbows and eventually a hammer to break the window on the driver’s side to pull the man out. The hammer was provided by a man driving by in a dump truck.The rescuers are heard yelling “Get out of the car, man!” while trying to the bring the driver to his senses. As fire engulfs the car, a passer-by is heard warning the rescuers, “Get out of there, it’s gonna blow.”The woman – the wife of one of the rescuers – who is recording the video is heard crying in horror.All the efforts are eventually successful and the driver is safely pulled out of the car, just in nick of the time before the car exploded in flames.The car burst into flames just after the driver was pulled out.One of the Good Samaritans was identified as Ben Sykes by CBC News, who was heading out along with his wife to Mississauga, on the way to work.”You know there’s danger; you’re constantly evaluating that on top of trying to get this guy out. We had to get him out at that moment, a couple seconds (the vehicle) would’ve exploded,” Lauar told the outlet.He added that everything happened in a span of 30 seconds before the vehicle burst into flames.The police have thanked the men for their bravery, calling them “Heroes”.

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