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The video of him climbing the Mercuriales Towers is going viral on the internet.A daredevil French climber Alexis Landot climbed the Mercuriales Towers in the Paris suburbs. Mr Landot climbed the 122-metre high tower without any ropes or harnesses.The 22-year-old man is one of the only climbers in the world to go “free solo,” meaning he forgoes ropes and security, reported AFP.In the past, he has also climbed the skyscrapers of La Defense and the Montparnasse Tower.The video of him climbing the Mercuriales Towers is going viral on the internet. Mr Landot posted the video 6 days ago with the caption, “Mission Impossible in real life I challenge @tomcruise to do that! Joking aside, it was a great day, the weather was cold but that only makes the reward greater.”Watch the video here:The video has amassed more than 6 lakh views on Instagram and over 31,000 likes. The clip triggered an array of reactions on the internet. A user wrote, “Bro stop doing this shit one wrong move and your life is over it’s not worth it bro the views the money the adrenaline it’s not worth it bro please stop.”A user also asked why? To which, Mr Landot replied, “Passion.”Another user commented, “With all due respect, Please guys find another hobby. This isn’t even cool to watch! I can only imagine what goes through your parents’ insides and the ones that love you when they see stuff like this. If anyone thinks this is cool it’s because they don’t give 2 shits about you. God bless.””Bro. I know this is your passion.. but why? And how? I’m so curious how you got this wild hobby! So dangerous.. please please be safe man,” the third user expressed concern.”WOW it looks surreal,” the fourth wrote. “I hate to be the guy but I was watching your previous videos & I’m no building engineer but the moulding on those windows looks super weak & worn down! You’re a talented dude but just be careful!” the fifth commented. Click for more trending newsFeatured Video Of The Day’AAP Fastest-Growing Party, Will Become National Party’: Raghav Chadha

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