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The boy got nearly 200 stitches across his face.New Delhi: An 11-year-old boy was attacked by a pet Pit Bull dog while he was playing at a park near his house in Ghaziabad last week. The attack left the boy with nearly 200 stitches across his face.The dog is seen charging at the boy, in a CCTV footage of the incident. A girl is seen walking the dog when it suddenly attacks the child, who falls to the ground. In the next frame, a man is seen rescuing the child. The dog had bitten off a chunk of Pushp Tyagi’s face by then.A fine of Rs 5,000 has been imposed on the owner of the dog, who kept the animal without any license or registration.The family of the boy and angry residents of the area raised strong objections to pet animals preying on children after the attack on September 3. It is wrong to let the animals loose at parks where children go to play, they said.Incidents of pet dog attacks have reportedly been on the rise in the National Capital Region.The latest incident  comes just days after two shocking incidents of attacks by pet dogs, both from Uttar Pradesh, surfaced. In the first incident, a dog bit a boy inside a housing society lift in Ghaziabad, while in the second, a dog held by the leash by its owner was seen lunging towards a man in a lift of a residential society in Noida, in a shocking video of the incident.

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