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Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting accused US of repressing freedom of expression (Representational).Washington: US law enforcement seized control of the websites of two Iranian state-controlled news groups, Press TV and Al-Alam, and of the Al-Masirah TV channel of Yemen’s Huthis, statements posted on the websites showed Tuesday.Each site had displayed a single page with a statement that it “has been seized by the United States Government” and making reference to US sanctions laws, accompanied by the seal of the FBI and the US Department of Commerce.Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB), the parent of Al-Alam, reported that other sites, including a Palestinian-directed broadcast and an Arabic-language religious and cultural channel were also seized.IRIB accused the United States of repressing freedom of expression and joining forces with Israel and Saudi Arabia “to block pro-resistance media outlets exposing the crimes of US allies in the region.”

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