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Since there is so many anime a lot of of them get overlooked even though they have everything the audience would like. It has an amazing plot, excellent comedy, characters that everyone will like and etc. The anime I will recommend are very underrated compared to other anime like Naruto and Attack on Titan and should deserve more love.

4. Noragami

This anime is very often overlooked even though their opening songs are popular. The plot, animation, characters and fights are well made and should be recognized by more.

Yato is a god who does not have a shrine for himself which is why he is poor, gods who have many shrines tend to be very rich. He then meets Hyori who is a human that can see him and freely talk to gods and “sacred treasures”. The two happen to meet a “sacred treasure” named Yukine but that’s when problems arise for Yato.

3. Yamada and the Seven Witches

A romantic comedy with 12 episodes is great to watch when you want to relax. It is also has supernatural elements to this rom-com to make viewers more entertained. Once you finish the series you should read the manga to understand what is actually happening to Yamada and the others.

Yamada a high school delinquent who is bored of school suddenly meets a girl named Shiraishi. The 2 accidentally fell from the stairs and ended up in a position where they kissed. They then notice they have swapped bodies and so they figure out that they can switch bodies by kissing each other. However, there seems to be more people like Shiraishi and Yamada runs into all of them.

2. Beelzebub

If you like a cold character who can kick ass and good fights this is a good one. It also has top notch comedy that will make you laugh and enjoy the show.

Oga a high school student randomly finds a baby but it turns out to be the son of a demon king named Beelzebub. So Oda ends up taking care of the baby named Beel and they link with each other which means Beel granted Oda with the ability to use his power. But, Oda keeps getting hurt by Beel and finds him as a nuisance so like any normal person Oga tries to get rid of Beel. However, that won’t be so easy with the demon king’s son.

1. The Magi Series

If you want to watch a funny anime filled with adventure this is the one. You get to feel like you are on a adventure and explore new people and places with them. However, there are many sad moments but that just makes you care more for the characters. After you finish the show you should read the manga that has already finished to get some closure.

Aladdin a young boy travels the world and along the way he meets Alibaba and they become good friends. These 2 later see a beautiful girl with red hair named Morgiana who is in a horrible situation and decide to save her and the others with her. The 3 with also another person go into a dungeon to find a dijinn and the treasures in it to gain power and money.

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