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Indian food has become the subject of much curiosity online. In the recent past, we have seen people from all over the world trying their hands at not just tasting but also cooking Indian food. A Korean blogger famous on YouTube, for instance, tried Delhi’s famous momos and gave his honest review. Meanwhile, an Australian chef whipped up palak paneer much to the delight of foodies on Instagram. And now, another chef-blogger from the UK has attempted to make rava idli and sambhar at home. He prepared the South Indian delights from scratch in the video that has now gone viral. Needless to say, Indian foodies were left thoroughly impressed. Take a look:Jake Dryan, also known as @plantfuture on Instagram, is a popular blogger-chef from the UK who has a fan following of 635k. Based in London, he specialises in plant-based recipes and is currently discovering food from every Indian state. Currently, his state of focus is Tamil Nadu which is why rava idli and sambhar were the latest recipes on his radar. “Rava idli and sambar. I think I’ve got the sambar down now, let me know. I made normal idli the other week so I wanted to try another variety… Rava (semolina) idli are easier to make and taste VERY similar,” wrote chef Dryan in the caption of his post.In the video that the UK chef shared, we could see the preparation of a delicious platter of rava idli and sambhar. He made the entire recipe from scratch. First, he showed us the process of preparing the batter for rava idlis. He mixed semolina or sooji with yogurt and spices and steamed them to perfection. Next, he prepared sambhar by mixing toor dal with chopped vegetables, tamarind water and tempering. He even made the authentic sambhar masala from scratch!(Also Read: Viral News: This Cafe In UK Is Offering A Discount On Chai For Being Polite)Rava idli and sambhar is a comfort food for many across the globe. Photo: iStockThe UK chef’s amazing rava idli and sambhar preparation went viral, garnering over 2.5 million views and 177k likes. Indian foodies showered praise on him and left plenty of positive comments too. “As a South Indian, Tamilian this is 10/10,” wrote one user while another said, “When white guys make better Indian food than you!” “Ohhh this is Rava idli, should have been included in Karnataka week!! Anyways, awesome as always,” wrote another foodie.What did you think of the UK chef’s preparation of rava idli and sambhar? Tell us in the comments below.Featured Video Of The DayMulled Wine Recipe | How To Make Mulled Wine

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