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Former IPS officer Yashovardhan Azad called the murder an “ISIS-type execution”.New Delhi: A tailor was murdered in his shop in Udaipur today by two cleaver-wielding men who filmed the grisly killing and later gloated about it in a video. “This is an ISIS-type execution,” a former IPS officer told NDTV.”One must call a spade a spade because this is an ISIS-type execution and we should be aware that this must be stopped and nipped in the bud,” said Yashovardhan Azad.Kanhaiya Lal was at his shop in the city’s busy Dhan Mandi market when Gos Mohammad and Riyaz, walked in posing as customers before attacking him .One of the men struck him with a cleaver as the other man filmed the murder on his mobile phone. The killers tried to behead him but couldn’t, the police said. The neck was slit but the head was not severed.The men later posted a video on social media where they claimed that they are avenging an insult to Islam.”Social media is being misused and the police should take action against hate crimes,” said Mr Azad, adding the “state police has been found failing”.Kanhaiya Lal had expressed support on social media for former BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma whose controversial comments on the Prophet Muhammad last month led to a diplomatic backlash for India from many countries. The police said the tailor had been threatened several times by some groups.Police said they had arrested the men for the incident, suspended internet services and appealed to people not to share the video. A curfew was imposed in some areas of Udaipur district and gatherings have been restricted.Ashok Gehlot, the Chief Minister of Rajasthan appealed to people to stay calm and not share the video as it would “serve the attackers’ motive of creating discord in society”.The police have also warned against sharing or circulating the video, calling it “too grisly” to watch.

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