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There is no doubt about the fact that Covid-19 has impacted us all significantly. With the national lockdown being announced last year in 2020, many of us became helpless. Skip to one year later, the cases and other problems are still prevalent. When uncertainty lingered all around us in this crisis, many people abandoned their pets and street dogs were deserted. Thankfully, there have been some individuals and societies who have come forward as hope in these brimming times. Two Jammu and Kashmir girls have also come forward to do their bit in these times. When Neha Sharma and Pranavi Singh, both from the Udhampur area, noticed that many NGOs were providing meals for the poor and no one for the stray dogs, both of them started feeding roughly stray dogs in their neighbourhood regularly.(Also Read: Watch: This Man From Nagpur Is Feeding 150 Dogs Daily For Last 11 Years)When the lockdown started over a year ago, we saw that stray dogs were starving and there we decided to treat every stray dog in Udhampur city. We feed more than 40 to 50 street dogs on a daily basis,” Neha Sharma told ANI.Pedigree, roti, rice, milk, and curd are the foods which the girls feed to these dogs. Along with feeding them, they also provide the dogs with first aid whenever necessary.”As most of the dogs are dependent on the leftovers of street food vendors in the market areas, I started wondering how they would be getting food during the lockdown. Then, I thought of helping them out and preparing food at home along with my friend for the stray dogs.” Neha told to ANI.Pranavi Singh, a student from Delhi, joined hands with Neha Sharma when she came back to her hometown because of the lockdown.(Also Read: Viral Video Of Dog Being Fed ‘Imaginary Treats’ Will Make You Smile)Speaking to ANI, Pranavi said, ” If everyone makes one roti for dogs, then not even one dog would go empty stomach, but very few think about them”

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