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Twitter executives held a meeting with the staff after a series of claims made by a whistleblower who mentioned that the social media platform misled federal regulators regarding defenses against hackers and spam accounts. The former security chief Peiter “Mudge” Zatko has revealed some shocking allegation against the company. Amid Twitter’s legal battle with Elon Musk on bots and spam accounts, and the recent allegations, Twitter has also been facing employee loss.As per a report based on an audio heard by Reuters, Twitter’s current employee attrition stands at 18.3 percent, while it hovered between 14 percent and 16 percent before SpaceX CEO Musk announced his $44 billion (nearly Rs. 3,51,500) offer for the acquisition.In the meeting, Twitter Chief Executive Parag Agrawal called Zatko’s accusations “inaccurate”, while claiming that the company never misled or intend to misled a regulator or the board members.Zatko’s claims will be heard by the US Senate Judiciary Committee on September 13. The senate will discuss allegations from the whistleblower regarding the social media company’s ways to mislead regulators. The committee may decide to extend further investigation in the case.Meanwhile, the social media company is all set to head for the October trial against Musk, who backed out from the acquisition deal alleging misinterpretation of bots’ data. Twitter sued Musk in July, while the acquisition announcement initially came in April. Musk’s takeover over the company caused many employees to quit, as per Reuters.

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