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Internet has lauded Bengaluru traffic police’s move.A commuter in Bengaluru recently spotted an unusual road sign and shared a picture on social media, tagging the traffic police to clear the doubts. Taking to Twitter, curious commuter Aniruddha Mukherjee shared the image of the sign showing four black dots on a white background. In the caption, he wrote, “What traffic symbol is this? @wftrps @blrcitytraffic. This is put up just before Hopefarm signal!”Take a look below: What traffic symbol is this?@wftrps@blrcitytrafficThis is put up just before Hopefarm signal!— Aniruddha Mukherjee (@yesanirudh) August 1, 2022To this, the traffic police in the Whitefield area responded swiftly and explained why the sign had been set up. The officials revealed that it is a “cautionary signboard” which indicates that a blind person can be present on the road and therefore commuters need to exercise caution while driving. “Dear Sir, that is a cautionary sign board which (warns) that a blind person may likely be on the road (and so you must) exercise caution while driving. There is a school (for blind people) at Hope Farm Junction where this board is placed,” the traffic police said in a tweet. Dear Sir,That is a Cautionary sign board which tells about a possible blind person likely on the road. Exercise caution while driving.There is a blind school at hopefarm junction where this board is placed.Regards— WHITEFIELD TRAFFIC PS BTP (@wftrps) August 1, 2022Following the traffic police’s response, several social media users lauded the move. “Wow. Never knew about this sign. Thanks,” wrote one user. “Awesome I guess time for @blrcitytraffic to share some light on traffic signs daily on Twitter and other rules around it. Will help us educate further,” added another. A third said, “Thank you for the education! Most of us are unaware of these road signs and their meaning!”Also Read | Canadian Candy Company Is Offering Over 60 Lakh A Year For A ‘Chief Candy Officer’Meanwhile, this is not the first time a unique signboard from Bengaluru has gone viral. A while back, a Twitter user shared two images of a no parking signboard outside a house in Koramangala. One of these boards read, “Don’t even think of parking here,” while the other one read, “No parking, not 5 minutes, not 30 seconds, not at all!” The post had led to a discussion on social media, with some internet users favouring the move while others speaking against it. Click for more trending news

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