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TV Presenter Can't Stop Laughing Over Guest's Zoom Filter Fails 1
Ms Monfries shared the video on her Twitter handleAn Australian news anchor broke into laughter when a guest suffered a Zoom fail. Alice Monfries, from Nine News Adelaide, couldn’t help laughing after her interviewee, Mark Borlace from the Royal Automobile Association had technical issues while trying to apply a Zoom background. The Live TV guest mistakenly chose a ‘pizza hat’ filter during the call.Ms Monfries shared the video on her Twitter handle with a caption that reads, “If only we could have run the whole thing.. including his profanities. Very very funny. I’m still giggling!”The video shows how Mr Borlace struggled to find the correct Zoom background for his call to blur out the background. The man initially found himself with an underwater ocean background and then he accidentally changed it to a pizza hat.Check out the video here:If only we could have run the whole thing.. including his profanities.Very very funny. I’m still giggling!— Alice Monfries (@alicemonfries) March 21, 2023″Studio effects… How do I get back to blur… studio filter”, he can be heard mumbling during the call. Ms Monfries looks visibly amused and ends up laughing hysterically. “I’m going to log out and come right back in,” Mr Borlace said.The social media users left an array of hilarious comments. A user wrote, “He’s a good sport, but it’s you trying to hold it together that’s funniest.”Another user wrote, “You’re a legend, Mark Borlace!””Pissed myself when the party hat appeared,” the third user commented. Click for more trending news

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