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Each person wants good health. Whenever he worships God, he often prays for health and wealth, but do you know? You have to do something to get something. A person always works to be happy with money, whether it is a personal business or a job. To be satisfied with the mind, it is necessary to overcome anger, jealousy, hatred, revenge, etc. along with tolerance and kindness.

All this makes us different from animals because the need for food, sleep, fear, and sex is also found in animals. Thus if you want to be happy, you should have self-control and make a habit of yoga and pranayama every day. It is a little bit hard in this modern age, but if we try, then we can do this easily.

Some precautions make us healthy and prevent many diseases. It is essential and easy to keep our bodies healthy. A healthy body gives us a healthy mind, and a healthy mind always leads us towards our success. This is not very hard, and It needs some changes in your daily routine.

This transformation can be made by shifting your habits. When you are healthy, it also affects your family and society. When our community is happy, it makes our country and the world joyous. We can easily prevent diseases. It saves our money, which boosts our economic conditions. I want to give the top ten tips for health which should be mainly followed by everyone:-

We should wake up early before sunrise and go for a walk because early morning walk makes us more refresh and energetic. Fresh air in the morning enters into our body and gives us health. It also increases our concentration. Morning time is also suitable for doing exercises. Slite movement of your body makes you more healthy.

2. Keeping cleanliness is our first duty both inside and outside, so internally, stay away from negative emotions such as anger, greed, and jealousy and externally take a bathe every day and clean your body. 3. We should do yoga and pranayama for half an hour every day. Yoga prevents many physical and mental diseases. It affects not only your body, but it affects your mind also. It strengthens your relationship with yourself.ttps://

Our ancestors are very close to nature; that’s why they lived a life full of meaning, full of youth, contented, and long life. Today in the race of so-called modernity, we have lost the proximity of nature by which we have lost many precious gems of life which we could easily get.

Protect your environment because it plays a significant role in making yourself healthy. If dirt and odor are spread around you, it affects you and your neighbor.

Change your eating habits. Please stay away from junk food, which is very harmful to our bodies. It would help if you took light breakfast in the morning and should be eaten at the right time, for example, breakfast should be made till 9 am, lunch till 2 pm, and dinner till 8 pm. If we eat pulses, rice, chapati, vegetable, salad, curd, and fruit according to Indian tradition and culture, then based on modern science, we get a balanced diet with carbohydrates, fats, protein, minerals, and vitamins.we don’t need to take vitamin tablets differently.

Be a vegetarian because nonvegetarian food is very destructive for our bodies. It has been scientifically proven that vegetarian food not only affordable and nutritious but also beneficial. In contrast, nonvegetarian food produces many dangerous diseases like heart disease, paralysis, sugar, blood pressure, and various type of cancer.

Stay away from a harmful drink like coca-cola and Pepsi; instead, we should use Indian traditional Sharbat, Lassi, and lemon water, which we call Sheekanji. It has also scientifically proven that Pepsi and Coca-Cola have so much acid that makes the bones and teeth strangled, so what will happen to the stomach or intestinal membranes. It is worth considering.

9. A daily routine check-up is essential for us. It saves your body from many diseases. We periodically check the vehicles so that they continue to function correctly but neglect our own body, which is very important. It produces many incurable diseases. We should take routine check-ups every six months or once a year to find bugs in the primary stage.

10. Sleeping is essential for our health. An adult should take at list six to eight hours of sleep every day. Sound sleep always gives you better health. It also increases the calmness of your mind.

To make yourself healthy, keep alert towards cleanliness around your home. Dirt produces fly and other insects which spread disease like Malaria, Typhoid, and Jaundice. Thus we should first teach love ourselves so we can give love to others as well. If you want to enjoy the prosperity of life, first, you have to make yourself worthy of it, and for this, it is essential to be healthy.


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