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Disha Patai is one of those Bollywood actresses who has gained a lot of popularity in very little time. In this article we would be discussing some those Unkown and Amazing facts about Disha Patani which you might not know, so please read the complete article:

Fact 1:

After the film M.S.Dhoni, the untold story Disha Patani’s popularity grew into millions. But do you know that Disha was never the first choice for the film? The first choice for the film was Rakul Preet Singh, but at that time, Shushant Singh Rajput demanded 20 more days for his cricket training. Thus the dates of Rakul’s Upcoming Tollywood film and dates for M.S.Dhoni collapsed. Thus Disha was chosen.

Fact 2:

Disha Always wanted to become an airforce pilot, but her future goals always changed from time to time. Once during her semester holidays, she took part in a modeling contest, which she eventually won. After this, she was offered multiple photoshoots and ads. Thus she had no time for the college. Thus taking her career seriously, she left the college and came to Mumbai and joined a modeling agency. 

Fact 3:

Disha’s favorite actress is Priyanka Chopra, and she says that Priyanka Chopra is a complete actress as she has done modeling, singing and today she is a worldwide superstar. Priyanka and Disha both belong to Bareilly, and thus, she can correlate her struggle life with her own life. She loves Priyanka’s attitude and says that being from a non-filmi background, she has achieved a lot in the industry.

Fact 4:

Disha has been a state-level basketball player, and she is also very good at gymnastics. Due to her great gymnastic skills, she is also cast in the movie Bharat where she plays the role of a circus girl. 

Fact 5:

Disha also gave an audition for the film Heropanti where she was rejected for the first time. Disha later said that at that time, she was giving an ad audition, and she came to know that an audition for the film was also going on. So she decided to give an audition for the film also. But she also said that she gave the audition very badly thus it was good that she was not cast.

Fact 6:

Disha is highly inspired by her sister Kushbu Patani who is in the army at the post of captain. Disha said that whenever she has tried to do something new, her sister always supported her. When everyone in her family was upset about her decision to leave college, it was her sister Khushbu who motivated her and gave her the confidence that she can go to Mumbai and make a successful career. 

Fact 7: 

Disha likes action films a lot, and thus, Wonder Woman is one of her favorite films. Her dream role is to do a superhero movie playing a lead character where she has to perform all the action scenes by herself only. 

So these were some of the most unknown and amazing facts about Disha Patani, which most people do not know. I hope you liked it. Please share it with your friends and family. 




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