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mouth shut

Mouthshut is a review app for movies, smartphones, and many other fields. In this app, one has to write reviews for the area selected, and you earn some points. Through this app, you keep yourself updated about the latest information due to which it is one of the best learning and secure app. You can directly download it from the play store.


Qureka is an excellent app for sharpening the mind as it is a quiz app that gives earnings for correct answers. The more you play the quiz, the more you learn and earn through this app. This app is available in the play store.



As the name suggests, Mathcash is a maths quiz app which helps you earn PayPal money. You can play duels in which you have to beat the opponent by solving math questions as fast as possible. You can also complete surveys from this app to increase your earnings. The minimum withdrawal limit is 5 USD. You should try this app if you want to strengthen necessary math solving skills.



Nostra Pro is a gaming app where you can play various games like rummy, poker, pool club, tuk-tuk go, fantasy along with quiz, which will help you increase your knowledge and skills. If you win the games and quiz against the opponent, then you can earn some good cash, which you can withdraw directly to your bank account. You can download the app from this link. You can also use this promo code to get ₹100 bonus: MEE10678


Mobile Premier League is a fantastic gaming app where you can play numerous games like ludo, quiz, poker, and many more. Like nostra pro, you can even play a simple questionnaire in this app to increase your knowledge and earn good pocket money. It is also known as IPL of mobile gaming. The best thing about this app is that there is no withdrawal limit in this app. You also get a 10rs joining bonus. You can directly download it from this link.



Helo is a social media app that gives you earnings. Though it does not increase your skills, as it is an article regarding earning, so I suggest this app for making some quick bucks. All you have to do is refer to some friends and use it every day for some time to get earnings. You can directly download it from the play store.

Tiktok is another social media app that was previously named as in which you can make videos and earn the right amount of money. It is a top-rated app, with more than 30 million active users monthly only in the US. Once you become quite famous with many followers on this app, then there is no limit on how much you can earn. This app is readily available on the play store.


So, in the above article, I have suggested one of the best apps for earning some money. Although you cannot make a living from these apps, you can earn enough pocket money to meet your necessary expenses along with increasing your skills and knowledge. If you play more and strengthen your skills, you can make even more from the apps mentioned in this article. 




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