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Skin is the most visible part of the body. The surface must look healthy and glowing. However, due to the daily hectic routine and pollution, the skin tends to look dull and old. Its important to regularly apply packs on the face and use other simple methods also to keep the skin healthy and glowing.

Here are a few sample packs that one can easily make at their homes and apply on their face depending upon different purposes-

1. Lemon-honey pack-

For clean skin

After acne or pimples get cleared out, some scars are left behind. This pack helps in cleaning such blemishes and makes skin look fresh and bright.

2.  Aloe-vera- turmeric pack-

For controlling oil

Usually, in summers, the skin gets all oily and sticky. This packs naturally helps in maintaining dryness level in the skin to avoid excess oil on the face, which can cause acne and pimples.

3. Tomato-lemon pack-

For healthy skin

Mixing tomato and lemon juice and then applying it on the face is a very calming pack. Its natural qualities penetrate deep into the skin and make them healthy and glowing.

4.  Honey-coffee pack-

For tightening of the skin

With age, skin starts becoming loose. Also, sometimes in teenagers, the skin starts looking bulky and clumsy. Lemon and coffee can be mixed, applied on the face, and left for a few minutes. Rinse after it dries out. It will tighten the skin.

5. Yogurt-lemon pack-

For glowing skin

Yogurt helps in maintaining the ph level of the skin. It dries the skin optimally out. It penetrates deep into the skin. When mixed with lemon, it shows excellent results for keeping skin glowing and healthy-looking.

6. Coconut oil-turmeric pack-

For healthy skin

Using harsh products, make skin extra dry and devoid of its natural moisture. This pack of coconut oil and turmeric kept skin healthy and moist it has anti-bacterial qualities also to make skin look good.

7. Milk-tomato juice pack-

For freshening up the skin

A little milk and a little tomato juice can be mixed. They can be applied and left overnight. The skin will glow, look fresh, and hydrated in the morning.

8. Besan pack-

For beautifying skin

Besan can be mixed with lemon, turmeric, honey, tomato, coffee, etc., and applied on a clean face. It can be made with 1-2 ingredients also. Rubbing it off after drying is the best way to remove the pack. It makes skin look fresh also.

9. Multani-Mitti pack-

For hydrating skin

This pack is being used since ages. Adding a little water to it and applying on a clean face works best. It gives a cooling effect to the skin.

10. Coffee pack-

For scrubbing purposes

Coffee is said to be the best natural scrub for face. Various kinds of coffee scrubs can be made. For example, coffee-Besan-lemon, coffee-rose water, coffee-turmeric-aloe-vera, etc., are some kind of scrubs and masks that can be used. Coffee and sugar together are also the right combination. This can also work as a lip scrub. 

Regular use of these packs can ensure better and excellent results. Since they are 100% natural and organic, they won’t ever harm the skin.

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