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"Toothbrush" In Nike And Tiffany Collab Leaves Internet Confused. Here's What It Is 1
Tiffany’s Instagram post has accumulated more than 379,000 likes.Nike and Tiffany & Co. recently announced their first sneaker collaboration. The brands posted a picture of a blue box with a swoosh logo painted on it on their social media pages. The luxury jewellery brand also shared a video which revealed all-black suede Nike shoes, featuring a Tiffany-blue swoosh and a silver heel plate. “@nike x @tiffanyandco, a legendary pair. Coming soon,” the two brands wrote in the caption of their joint Instagram post.Two days back, they shared yet another post featuring sterling silver products that comes with the limited-edition collection. Other than shoe laces and a sterling silver shoe horn and a whistle, the kit also includes a product that has left the internet confused.It’s a silver shoe brush with black bristles that looks exactly like a toothbrush that left netizens scratching their heads. “When they said “just do it,” we listened,” the jewellery brand wrote in the caption of their post. Take a look below: Several internet users confused the shoe brush with a toothbrush because of its appearance. What amplified their confusion was also the text written over the image. “Don’t forget the tongue,” the text on the picture read. Tiffany’s post quickly sparked several reactions on social media platforms. While some users wrote that having a silver “toothbrush” was an unnecessary thing, others pointed out that it was simply a waste of money. Also Read | Trans Couple In Kerala, Ziya And Zahad, Announce Pregnancy. See Post”Hold on, I’m sorry. A toothbrush? What is the link to either brands here? Should these be riddles or they’re just as it is already?” wrote one user. “How does Tiffany and Nike come together and make a toothbrush of all things,” said another. A third user explained, “The amount of dumb people who think this is a toothbrush, it’s to clean the shoes. Hence the pun. Don’t forget the tongue. Who’s brushing their teeth with mental? Get real why the fuck would it be a toothbrush in a Tiffany Nike collab,” While a fourth expressed, “Love that Tiffany is bringing back the humor it was once known for.” Tiffany’s post has accumulated more than 379,000 likes. Meanwhile, according to USA Today, the combination of the two brands marks the 40th anniversary of the iconic Nike shoe silhouette. Shoe collectors will be able to buy the new kicks on March 7 at Tiffany stores in New York City and on the Nike SNKRS app for $400 (approximately Rs 32,960).  Click for more trending newsFeatured Video Of The Day”Zero Tolerance”: Over 1,800 Arrested Across Assam Over Child Marriages

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