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The AAXA L500 Bluetooth Smart Projector is a 500-lumen projector that supports wired and wireless connections between devices, and it’s on sale for $189.99 right now (reg. $199). This projector can connect via Bluetooth or an HDMI cable to play video in 1080p resolution. A 10W high-low frequency speaker is built in, but you can also connect other audio devices through the port in the back. Once you connect your computer or mobile device to the projector, you can browse online using built-in 5G and 2.4G wifi, and an onboard app shop lets you to connect to major streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and Disney Plus. Some copyrighted material may not be mirrored on the projector, though.

The AAXA L500 Bluetooth Smart Projector isn’t battery-powered and does require a power source, so a power adapter is included, along with a remote control and composite AV cable.

You can get the AAXA L500 Bluetooth Smart Projector on sale for $189.99 right now (reg. $199), though prices can change at any time.

AAXA L500 Smart Portable Projector True 1080P Native Resolution

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