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Shyja said that even her husband or family members do not object to her moustacheKannur: A woman from the Kannur district of Kerala has been flaunting her moustache for years with pride. And, she has no plans to shave it off despite often being told to do so. 35-year-old Shyja, unlike most women, decided to grow the hair on her upper lips. The thin hair soon grew into a visible moustache that delighted her. “I can’t imagine living without it now. When the Covid pandemic started, I disliked wearing a mask all the time because it covered my face,” Shyja was quoted as saying by BBC.According to Shyja, she doesn’t want to make a statement by sporting the moustache but just wants to live life the way she likes. “I just do what I like. If I had two lives, maybe I’d live one for others,” she said.Shyja’s moustache has now become a part of her life which she maintains unapologetically. She told Onmanorama that people would often mock her due to her appearance. But, Shyja did not remove the moustache because she is in love with it.Shyja said that even her husband or family members do not object to her moustache and that she doesn’t get bothered with what others have to say about her look.Shyja underwent a hysterectomy surgery five years ago, the report added. In total, she has gone through six surgeries over a decade.One of the surgeries was performed to remove cysts from her ovary while she got a lump removed from her breast in another.These health problems only strengthened Shyja and her belief that she should live life on her own terms. Shyja stressed she has built enough confidence and now wants her daughter to inherit this attitude from her, the report added.Click for more trending news

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