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"This Is Very Exciting": TV Star's Instagram Post After Earthquake Slammed 1
Divyanka Tripathi was slammed by internet users for sharing her excitement during the earthquake.Television star Divyanka Tripathi has been slammed by social media users after sharing her excitement and happiness while experiencing a powerful earthquake on March 21, which jolted many cities in north India. The quake’s epicentre was in Afghanistan but tremors were felt in Delhi-NCR, Punjab, Haryana, Jammu & Kashmir and Uttar Pradesh.In a short clip, which was shared on her Instagram stories, Ms Tripathi stated that many residents of her neighbourhood came out of their homes as soon as they felt the tremors. But the fact that she experienced an earthquake for the first time also made her very excited. The actor was in Chandigarh when the earthquake struck. Waah kya earthquake hai ☕— Wellu (@Wellutwt) March 23, 2023″Okay this is very exciting, I am experiencing my life’s first earthquake. But you won’t feel it like this. But yahan pe poori gali, mohalla neeche aagye hai, in Chandigarh (Everyone in the neighbourhood has come out of their houses). And this is exciting, just for now, jab tak zyda nahi hota (till the time its intensity doesn’t increase),” the actor said in the video, which has been posted on Twitter. She then pans the camera towards her husband, Vivek Dahiya and says, “Isn’t it, honey?” Ms Tripathi is seen smiling and laughing during the entire video. Her remarks were criticised online as being callous, especially in light of the recent devastating earthquakes that occurred in Turkey and Syria.”Is she really for real what’s so exciting. Its scary .. People lose lives,” said a user.”Imagine someone from Turkey or Syria seeing this after what they’ve been though ….!!!! Natural Disasters are NO joke…!!!!” added another person.A third user said, “How insensitive and pathetic is she to make such a comment after all the deaths that have taken place in Turkey and Syria that moved the whole world… some ppl are best at playing characters on tv because reality is a stark contrast!!”Also Read: Watch: Pakistan TV Anchor Continues To Deliver News As Earthquake Shakes Entire Studio”Celebrities live in a bubble. All nonsense things are exciting for them. Earthquakes are shit scary to even think about and she’s excited for it. Slow claps,” remarked another user.”Maybe she is talking about earthquake sequence in her daily soap because in reality, normal person can’t even think like this,” added a user. Click for more trending news

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