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If you want to try a virtual reality headset but aren’t ready to shell out big bucks for the new Meta Quest 3 (let along the forthcoming Apple Vision Pro), right now you can dive in with the most popular VR headset on the market for the lowest price it’s ever been—and get a $50 gift card to sweeten the deal.

The 128GB Meta Quest 2 is currently $249 on Amazon. It’s the lowest price it’s ever hit according to Camelcamelcamel’s price history—and that doesn’t even factor in the additional $50 gift card. (For an extra $50, you can double the memory to 256GB.)

The Meta Quest 2 is an affordable entry into the VR space

Though the Meta Quest 2 has been eclipsed by the Quest 3, most Meta Quest games are still compatible with it, there’s a large library of older games to choose from (or you can just lounge around watching your favorite streaming movies and shows in a virtual screening room). Whatever your plans, the Meta Quest 2 is by far the cheapest and most user-friendly way to dip your toes in the world of VR.

The Quest 2 is currently half the price of its successor headset, but that’s not to say it’s half as good. At its current sale price, the Quest 2 is a great way for families or the VR-curious people to jump in without a big initial investment. The Meta Quest 2 got an “outstanding” score in its PCMag review, which praised its minimalistic design, great display, powerful processor, accurate motion tracking, and optional compatibility with PCs.

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