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Spring sales are here, and lots of Switchbot products are 25-30% off right now (with one as much as 53% off). I’ve become a real fan of Switchbot’s brand, which makes chunky, functional smart home products that are aimed at retrofitting homes. That makes them perfect for renters—you don’t have to cut into any walls, ceilings, or floors. While almost all their products are on sale, here are the deals I think are really worth grabbing.

Switchbot K10+ Robot Vacuum (and mop, kind of)

I test a lot of robot vacuums, and the K10+ is one of my favorites. It’s smaller than other bots, so it navigates between chair legs, under tables, and toe-kicks much more easily than larger bots. But more importantly, it is a spectacular vacuum, and I liked the simple Switchbot interface. While it is also technically a mop, this function is not fully baked. However, the vacuum is so good, if you just forget about the mop and allow it to shine at what it’s good at, you’ll be happy. Perfect for small spaces, the price was already great at $499, but right now it’s on sale for $349.

Switchbot Pan/Tilt 1080p Babycam Indoor Camera

Though listed as a baby monitor on Amazon, this is actually just Switchbot’s indoor pan and tilt cam, but you can use it for whatever you’d like. It’s 53% off right now. Marked down to $18.99 from $39.99, this camera will give two-way audio and night vision, and it works with Google Home and Alexa. If you’re currently working with a static camera, try a pan-and-tilt; the 360 degrees of coverage horizontally and 115 degrees vertically is useful, sure, but it’s also a lot of fun to control them remotely.

SwitchBot Hub 2 Wifi Thermometer Hygrometer

Some companies have figured out no one wants an extra piece of hardware around just to serve as a hub, and have added other functionality to make them more valuable. This is one of my favorite implementations of that idea, a temperature and humidity display that just happens to also be a hub. I keep it on my desk, and it’s small and innocuous. It’s 25% off, marked down to $52.49 from $69.99.

Make your blinds and curtains smart

If you’ve got curtains or blinds, Switchbot has tools to make them wirelessly smart. Attach controllers for almost every kind of blind or curtain, and solar panels to power them, and you can then control them from your phone or through Google and Alexa.

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