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Black Friday has grown beyond discounts on physical items you can wrap up and give away; video streaming services are jumping into the pre-holiday bargain battlefield with promotional price-cuts, “try it for free” offers, and more. It’s an extremely competitive environment for streaming entertainment providers, which makes it the perfect time for consumers to save a few bucks on their monthly entertainment expenses.

Below are the best Black Friday deals on streaming services, from standbys like Hulu and Max to up-and-comers like Philo.

Best Black Friday 2023 streaming deal: 70% off Max for 6 months

Max (formerly known as HBO Max) is offering an aggressive deal for Black Friday: six months of Max for $2.99 a month. That’s a 70% saving over the regular $9.99 price. This deal is only for the ad-supported version of Max, and it’s limited to new or returning customers, but three bucks a month is cheap for a top-tier streaming service. For comparison sake, the no-commercials version of Max is $15.99 a month. 

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Hulu: $.99 a month for a year

Not to be outdone by Max, Hulu’s ad-supported tier is going on sale for $.99 a month for a year. That’s an 87% saving from the regular price. The “less than a buck” offer goes live on Nov. 21 and is only available to new or returning Hulu subscribers. 

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Fubo: One-week free trial, and $40 savings over two months

For Black Friday, Fubo is working hard to court consumers in the market for a cable-TV replacement. The company is offering a $20 discount for the first two months’ subscription to all three of its programming tiers. You can also take advantage of the seven-day free trial, to see if you even like Fubo.

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Philo: Half-off for the first two months

I don’t know anyone who subscribes to Philo, but that just means the company is hungry. A subscription to this bare-bones live-TV streaming service is already cheaper than its competition at $25 a month, but they’re going even lower by offering a Black Friday price of $12.50 a month for the first two months. Philo also offers a free trial week, so you can see if you can live without sports and news.  Enter the code “BFCM23” for the discount.

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YouTube Premium: Free for three months (with purchase at Best Buy)

If you like YouTube, but despise YouTube’s interminable ad-breaks, this might be the Black Friday deal for you. If you purchase an eligible item on Best Buy’s website between now and Jan. 2, you can get three months of YouTube Premium for free. It’s only for new or returning customers, though. 

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Paramount plus: $1.99 a month for three months

Paramount Plus is usually $5.99 a month, but for Black Friday, you’ll be able to sign up for $1.99 for three months. You can also get Paramount and Showtime for $3.99 a month for three months. Do it quick, though: The offer ends on Dec. 3.

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