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A solid router is a key part of a reliable gaming setup, but with so many options to choose from, it can be hard to sort through the noise. Luckily, there are a few options that stand out above the rest.

Why you should consider a gaming router

But why do you need to purchase a gaming router? Surely, a regular wifi router will do the trick, right? Of course, the answer there is that, yeah, the regular router is going to be more than enough for most gaming needs. However, gaming routers often have high bandwidth support, and they often come with additional features that can help make your gaming experience better.

These features can range from easier port forwarding functionality (which you’ll need to get the best connection to game servers) to lag optimization settings that can help cut down on the number of bandwidth issues and jitters you might see during gameplay—a very important feature for those of us that like to play competitive games online.

TP-Link Archer C5400X

TP-link Archer C5400X gaming router

Credit: TP-Link

While it doesn’t support higher than Wi-Fi 5, the TP-Link Arch C5400X offers excellent performance and comes with a triband design and great security software. That means you can take advantage of the router’s peak speeds of 1 Gbps while also knowing that you’re protected from cyber threats on the internet. Settling at Wi-Fi 5 isn’t necessarily a bad move, especially if you live in an older home without access to the highest broadband speeds. However, future proofers will likely want to go with something that offers at least Wi-Fi 6 to avoid having to upgrade sooner in the future.

This router also offers some of the best 802.11ac performance in a Wi-Fi 5 router. The only real downside here is that this gaming router is massive, and you can’t aim the antenna to get the perfect signal for what you need. It is an expensive option, like most of the gaming routers you can buy, and as our friends at PCMag point out, it could do with a few more gaming-centric features.

Still, its built-in Alexa and IFTTT support, as well as the exceptional antivirus and malware tools it includes, make it an easy one to recommend for gamers who are running Wi-Fi 5. You can buy the TP-Link C5400X from Amazon for $293.15 right now.

ASUS ROG Rapture GT-AX11000 Gaming Router

ASUS ROG Rapture GT-AX11000 gaming router

Credit: ASUS

Making an appearance from our best wifi routers list, the ASUS ROG Rapture GT-AX11000 gaming router continues to be one of the best options on the market. It’s an expensive option, but its price tag is more than made up for by its subscription-free network security functions, as well as support for 10 Gbps and 2.5 Gbps, depending on which ports you use.

The ROG RAPTURE GT-AX11000 has internal systems designed from the ground up for gamers, and it lets you get the most out of your gaming while also unlocking the full potential of your internet connection. The speeds it offers are more than fast enough for 4K streaming and playing the latest video games at max settings. The extra nice thing here is that the Rapture GT-AX11000 also has built-in mesh technology, allowing you to connect it to a mesh network for increased range.

You can purchase the ASUS ROG Rapture GT-AX11000 Gaming Router from Amazon for $399.99.

Netgear Nighthawk XR1000

Netgear Nighthawk XR1000 gaming router

Credit: Netgear

When it comes to wifi routers, Netgear is a mainstay name in the market, and for good reason. The Netgear Nighthawk XR1000 continues the trend of offering superior wifi options while also providing some gaming-focused features for you to take advantage of. There are a lot of configuration options on display here, which makes it easy to configure the router to fit your needs.

Netgear also includes a ton of tools and an easy-to-use interface that lets you select from an assortment of gaming options, and it comes with built-in malware protection, too. You can expect solid Wi-Fi 6 performance, even when at mid-range distances.

The Netgear Nighthawk XR1000 supports up to 5.4 Gbps wireless speeds and has built-in lag-free optimizations to help make your gaming experience even smoother. You can purchase the Nighthawk XR1000 off Amazon for $369.99.

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