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Even though most adults need seven to nine hours of sleep, that number is elusive for most of us. Try as you might to master a sleep routine that actually works, one of the biggest challenges is actually turning your brain off once your head hits the pillow. Plenty of apps track your sleep—but what about getting to that precious REM cycle in the first place?

If you need a little help getting your thoughts into sleep mode, here are some apps that use guided meditation and other soundscapes in order to lull you into a good night’s rest.

For guided meditation: Headspace

Headspace is best known as a meditation app, but it works for getting you to sleep, too. It features “sleepcasts,” which are essentially adult bedtime stories designed to help you visualize calming, meditative experiences. The guided audio experience helps you get in the headspace to easily drift off into sleep.

Cost: Free for select content or $70/year for full subscription

Download for iOS or Android.

For calming white noise: Noisli

Sometimes all you need is the right ambience for falling asleep. Noisli stands out as a sleep soundtrack app for its wide selection, from a summer storm to the buzz of a coffee ship.

Cost: $2 for the app; the website is free.

Download for iOS or Android.

For a timed sleepscape: Pzizz

Don’t ask me how to pronounce the name of this app. All I know is that if you download it, you can set a timer for a sleep session. This one is the best if you need to cram in a nap, and you need a soothing sleep soundtrack to get it done.

Cost: Free for select content or $70/year for full subscription

Download for iOS or Android.

For grown-up bedtime stories: Calm

Like with Headspace, Calm is a popular meditation app that also has high-quality sleep features. Open the Sleep Stories feature to hear soothing bedtime stories, including some from celebrity voices like Matthew McConaughey…alright, alright, alright. The free version is limited, but the full service has a wide range of guided meditations and stories designed specifically for sleep.

Cost: Free for select content or $70/year for full subscription (includes a seven-day free trial).

Get it for iOS or Android.

For sleep-inducing mindfulness: Yours App

You can take all the right steps to improve your sleep conditions, but often the biggest hurdle is your own mind. Yours App focuses on mindfulness meditation, featuring psychology advice and interactive breathing exercises to help you wind down.

Cost: Limited free version or subscription options from $5/month to $10/month.

Get it for iOS or Android.


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