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Raise your hand if you are a thepla fan! These are flavourful flatbreads made with a variety of delicious ingredients. Although it mainly belongs to Gujarati cuisine, anyone can prepare it at home with ingredients easily available in the kitchen. The best part of this food item is that it’s versatile and you can actually include ingredients of your choice to savour lip-smacking theplas that carry the taste suitable for your liking. It’s a drool-worthy dish every Gujarati swears by. Right from the classic methi ka thepla to customised keto theplas, there’s just so much you can explore about this food item. Let’s talk about travel journeys now. The food you carry while travelling makes the most interesting part of your journey, right? Well, now if you have any travel plans in mind, do prepare wonderful theplas and carry them along. No need to carry any major accompaniments. Just a bottle of your favourite pickle, maybe chutneys or dahi will be enough for this. We have listed seven mouth-watering thepla recipes that will make your meals delicious and memorable.    Also read: Give A Healthy Spin To Gujarati Thepla By Adding Lauki To It; Find Easy Recipe Of Lauki Thepla HereHere’re 7 Best Thepla Recipes You Must Try:1) Methi Ka TheplaLet’s kickstart the list with a traditional thepla recipe. This is an excellent flatbread made with methi, which is packed with numerous health benefits. And if you think methi is a bit too bitter in taste, add some curd and gram flour to your thepla dough to get rid of the bitter-pungent taste. Make it and relish it with your favourite pickle or chutney. Recipe here.2) Bajre Ka TheplaYes, if you want to pack some yummy theplas while travelling, stick to this healthy recipe. It’s one of the most popular travel-friendly foods that can stay for a long time without getting spoiled. Once you mix all the ingredients together, just use yoghurt to knead your dough. For this one, you’ve got to use bajre ka aata. Click here for the recipe.3) Mooli Thepla with Aloo BhajiNow, this is a combination worth dying for. When mooli thepla is combined with delicious aloo bhaji, a sumptuous potato curry, it tastes yummilicious. If you are planning a family picnic, go for this food item. Mooli thepla is a flavourful flatbread you wouldn’t regret including in your travel diaries. Find the recipe here.4) Lauki TheplaWant to give your Gujarati theplas a twist? Add some lauki. Also known as bottle gourd thepla or doodhi thepla, this epic treat will leave you craving for more. Lauki is a low-calorie, low-fat food that is great for weight loss. Besides all this, it’s packed with proteins, fibre and vitamins that make this thepla a healthy food item to binge on. Try making this at home and enjoy. This is the recipe.  5) Keto TheplaAre you someone who is always on a diet? Even if you are health-conscious, here’s an option to can rely on. Keto theplas have zero carbs and you can have them without any guilt. Sometimes, when you travel, finding diet-friendly foods may be a challenge. So, here’s your answer to an easy and delectable recipe that is all things healthy. Here’s the recipe.  6) Karela TheplaYes, this may sound not-so-appealing at first but trust us, karela theplas are a thing. And this is very good for those who are suffering from diabetes. Rich in fibres, antioxidants, vitamins A, C, E, K, calcium and iron, bitter gourd is a go-to dish for diabetics. So, if you are travelling and want to carry something healthy that can be stored, choose this dish and it will not disappoint you. Click this button for the recipe.7) Masala TheplaYou read it right. Although puri and aloo sabji make for the best food items to carry while travelling, you can make your journeys more interesting by tweaking your meals and carrying something unique, tasty and filling. So, this time, replace your usual rotis or chapatis with these flavourful masala flatbreads. However, for this one, make a dough using flour, jeera, ginger and garlic, along with other homely spices.    Featured Video Of The DaySouth Indian Style Ginger Chutney Recipe | How To Make South Indian Style Ginger Chutney

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