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Harsh mishra

Aug 16, 2019, 8:16 PM

The science behind eye twitching

  1. Have you ever heard about eye twitching one of the famous superstitions in India? People in India believe that if there left eye twitches, something terrible is going to happen. You had heard about it many times, and some of you had also experienced it, so it is essential to know the truth behind this superstition. Have you ever thought that why some people follow some stupids superstition blindly and believe in them, but reality, there is no logic behind them? For example. People believe if a black cat crosses there away, then they should not go on that way and not to keep their footwears in the wrong way, etc
  2. You will be shocked to hear that everyone in this world creates superstition. Well, this is true. For example, had you ever not felt that something is lucky for you or some habits which are fortunate for you  .‘behavior is created by beliefs.’ 
  3. To know the truth from where this superstition is created a herbert psychologist b.f skinner performed an experiment in which he closed a crow in a box and crow performs random actions in the box and after every 10 minutes he puts food in the box he observed that the crow performs the same activities which he was playing before getting the food the crow felt that by doing this actions he would get food. So if a crow can create superstition, then why not human.
  4. Have you ever noticed that your eye will twitch only when you are in tension, or you have stress?  A scientist ROBB. NICHOLSON in 2010 proved that the twitching of the eye occurs due to anxiety and stress. When we are in tension, we do things in the wrong way, and we think that this happens due to the twitching of the eye.  The twitching of the eye is a natural cause that occurs due to tension and stress.

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