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We will tell you which country has won the most ICC tournaments. How many matches India has won. Let’s know in detail.

1. Australia: – Australia is the only country in the world to have made a total of 19 ICC tournaments so far. However, in the World Cup 2019, she was eliminated after losing to England in the semi-finals. But the Australian team holds the record for the most ICC tournament wins so far. But Australia’s men’s team won the World Cup 5 times, the Champions Trophy 2 times and the Under-19 World Cup 3 times. Australia’s men have won ten ICC tournaments so far. Also, the women’s team has created history by winning the World Cup 9 times. Which in itself has kept a different record? No team has won nine ICC World Cups so far.

2. Indian squad: – Team India has won the ICC tournament a total of 9 times so far. It has twice won the World Cup (1983, 2011), once the T20 World Cup 2007, 2 champions trophy. India’s senior team has won five ICC tournaments in total. While the ICC World Cup under-19 team has won four times.

In 1983, India created the first World Cup after creating a new history under the leadership of Kapil Dev. After that, India traveled to the finals under the captaincy of Sourav Ganguly in the year 2003. India created a glorious history in 2007 by winning the T20 World Cup under the leadership of Mahendra Singh Dhoni. India won the first T20 World Cup. After this, India once again won the World Cup reminiscent of the year 1983 under the captaincy of Mahendra Singh Dhoni at the ICC World Cup 2011.

3. England: – England, the winner of the World Cup 2019, has so far won 8 ICC titles in total. In such a situation, England’s women’s cricket team has won the World Cup 4 times. Whereas once the T20 World Cup has made its name. Overall, the England women’s cricket team has managed to win five ICC tournaments so far. The England cricket team once won the T20 World Cup and once the World Cup. While once managed to win the ICC Champions Trophy. In this way, England’s men’s team has won a total of three ICC tournaments.

4. West Indies: – The West Indies team has so far won seven ICC tournaments in total. In which five ICC tournament men have won the group. While two ICC tournament women team have won. In this way, two international ICC World Cups, while 2 T20 World Cups and 1 Champion, have won the trophy. Apart from this, the West Indian women’s cricket team has also won the T20 World Cup twice.

5. Pakistan: – Pakistan’s cricket team has won five ICC tournaments in total. Out of which Pakistan has won two Under-19 World Cups. Pakistan’s senior team has included World Cup 1992, T20 World Cup 2009, ICC Champions Trophy 2017. In this way, Pakistan’s senior team has won three ICC tournaments in total.

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