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Listen to our seasonal special, with Nick Petrić Howe and Noah Baker.

In this episode:

01:07 “Artemis and Dart”

In the first of our festive songs, we celebrate some of the big space missions from this year: Artemis which aims to get people back to the moon, and DART which could help defend the Earth from meteor strikes.

03:51 Redacted Headline challenge

In this year’s festive game, our competitors work together to try and figure out some Nature Podcast headlines where all the words have been removed. Find out how they get on…

15:57 Research Highlights

Research Highlight: Why does fat return after dieting? The microbiome might have a hand

Research Highlight: Revealed: massive Maya structures built by vast labour forces

18:31 Nature’s 10

Every year, Nature’s 10 highlights some of the people who have shaped science. We hear about a few of the people who made the 2022 list.

Nature’s 10

30:40 “Fairytale of Omicron”

In our final song this year, we imagine ourselves in a wintry lab thinking on genetic data from the Omicron variant of coronavirus…

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