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Video game addiction has recently been recognized as a mental health disorder by the World Health Organization (WHO). Many people suffered from video game addiction and spent a good number of hours playing these games on gaming consoles, around a decade back.

With the increasing number of smart phone users and the growing number of interesting and engaging mobile games, this addiction is now being seen in a vast number of people living in various parts of the world. PUBG mobile game is one of the worst addictions among the players.



Harmful Effects of PUBG on the Brain Function

Here are the harmful effects of PUBG on the brain function:

Anger and Aggression Issues

PUBG is full of violence. Players are required to shoot other players in order to survive and emerge winner. Those addicted to PUBG think about shooting and causing harm to other players for most part of the day as they spend most of their time playing this game. Their brain gets conditioned in a way that even they aren’t playing the game, these thoughts are still there. This is reflected in their behaviour. They grow extremely aggressive and get angry at almost everything.

Slowed Brain Activity

PUBG mobile addiction is damaging for the brain. The brain activity of PUBG mobile addicts slows down. They are not able to think rationally and concentrate on the task at hand. They constantly wish to go back to the game and win it. It is hampering people’s decision making ability and decreasing their power to grasp and retain information.

Serious Mental Health Issues

PUBG mobile addiction poses the risk of serious mental health issues. Young kids addicted to this game are at a high risk of developing dementia as they age. PUBG addicts are also likely to suffer from other neurological illnesses such as depression, Alzheimer and schizophrenia. All these illnesses are serious and can take years to heal. Besides, there is always a chance of relapse.

Anti Social Tendency

Those addicted to PUBG also develop anti social tendencies. They miss special family events as well as important business meetings. They are least interested in socializing and making new friends. They even lose interest in their existing friends and avoid interaction with their family members. All they ever want to do is play PUBG. They often become socially awkward and isolated.

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