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You know what’s nice about social media? It takes the guesswork out of gift-giving. Ahead of Valentine’s Day, you can glance over your partner’s shoulder to see what kinds of products the algorithms are serving them ads for, watch influencers demonstrate the trendiest items, or just search for what’s hot.

Data on what is and is not cool this year is also widely available, which almost makes it too easy. Ubuy recently released the results of its own data deep-dive on TikTok to reveal the top 10 gift options trending on the globally popular app. Here’s what to get your lover for Valentine’s Day, based on what’s going viral. 

#1: Crocs

Crocs are the most popular product on TikTok right now, with 11 billion views across 531,000 posts on the much-aligned but ever-popular rubber clogs. Depending on your partner’s preferences and your budget, you have options like these:

#2: A mini fridge

Mini fridges are popular for storing drinks, yes, but also for keeping skincare items chilled, so whether your sweetie likes to crack open a cold one or apply 11 layers of goop to their face (or both at the same time), there are a few avenues to success here. 

#3: Stanley tumblers (and other, non-Stanley tumblers)

Tumblers are hugely popular with 848 million views, yes, but we all know that the Stanley cup is what true fashionistas and beverage aficionados want. Still, there are other options. 

#4: Travel pillows

A thoughtful gift for a frequent flyer, travel pillows are having a moment on social media, too. 

#5: Cup washers

If your partner already has a Stanley (or you want to give a well-rounded, two-part present), consider a cup washer, which easily cleans out tumblers, mugs, and glasses—and is super satisfying to watch in action. 

#6: Mini printers

Mini printers are great gifts for anyone who takes a lot of pictures, has to make flashcards for school or notecards for work, or just has a creative itch. 

#7: Hair curlers

Devices for curling hair are mainstays, but they’ve changed a lot over the course of beauty history. You have so many options this year, even if you don’t have the $600 on hand for a Dyson Airwrap

#8: Portable blenders

Healthy honeys on the go will love a portable blender, which can be used at work, at the gym, or wherever else the hankering for fruit and protein powder hits. 

#9: Mini waffle makers 

Waffles are delicious and also aesthetically appealing, but mini waffles are even cuter, so your breakfast boo won’t mind having to make twice as many to feel full. 

#10: Milk frothers

Coffee in the morning is a necessity, but cute, fun coffee made with care is what truly elevates a day. Using a frother is and easy and fast way to make the mundane more enjoyable, plus they can be pretty inexpensive. 

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