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Heading from Florence to Cinque Terre is one of the most iconic day trips you can do in Tuscany. This beautiful UNESCO World Heritage site, with its famous hiking trail and characteristic villages built into the hanging cliffs that rise above the glistening ocean, is a sight to behold. Whether you explore the area on foot, by boat, by train or a combination of all three you’re in for a treat, and no matter what your mode of transport, you’re bound to work up an appetite. An appetite for the local gelato, we mean! Thankfully, no matter when your gelato urge strikes, each town has a highly acclaimed gelateria just waiting for you to indulge. Top Tip: When you’re on the hunt for the finest gelato in Italian towns, look for shops displaying the sign advertising ‘Artigianale’ or ‘Produzione Propria’, as this guarantees the quality of the product. Colours should be soft and not overly bright, as the latter indicates that artificial ingredients have been used; not what you want in a good ice cream! Best Gelaterie in the Cinque Terre Towns Vernazza Gelateria Vernazza If the journey from Florence to Cinque Terre itself was enough to get your tastebuds yearning for a scoop of the frozen stuff, this gelateria in Vernazza should definitely be your first stop. Traditional flavours abound but they are also complemented by some more unusual options such as peanut butter and salted caramel. Monterosso Gelateria Ice Cream Il Golosone Showcasing fresh and seasonal flavours, Il Golosone only makes its ice cream in very small batches, ensuring quality and freshness. It is hidden away but is certainly worth the effort to find it. A classic combination loved by locals and tourists alike is the licorice and lemon; it might sound strange but it’s very refreshing! Corniglia Alberto Gelato Via Fieschi Climbing the steps leading up to Corniglia is no mean feat and after the challenge you really do deserve a gelato. Alberto and Cristina are the friendly proprietors at Alberto Gelato and both enjoy introducing all their delicious flavours. The local honey flavour is a very popular choice. Manarola Gelateria 5 Terre Famous for its unusual flavour known as Loveria, a combination of pistachio, chocolate and vanilla, this ice cream vendor also makes crepes that can be filled with the frozen dessert. In summertime they also offer a rose flavour made from the flowers grown in the hills around. Riomaggiore Gelateria Centrale Di Germani E Giaccio Stop for a rest and an ice cream at this spot and you can indulge in the stunning views of the colourful port. Chocolate and pear is the standout here. Booking a trip from Florence to Cinque Terre is easy to do if you go through an experienced local tour operator. Let the experts take care of all the logistics and regale you with their invaluable local knowledge, while leaving you with the easy and rather enjoyable task of deciding which village gelateria you are going to try first! Author Plate Mauro Bramante is the Director of WalkAbout Florence, an independent business offering unforgettable tours and excursions around Italy including day trips from Florence to Cinque Terre. Whether you want to ride a Vintage Vespa, try the famous Chianti wine or get cooking with fresh local ingredients, Mauro’s company promises excitement, adventure and above all, fun. If you’re keen to experience the magic of Italy with the help of some passionate and knowledgeable tour guides, look no further than WalkAbout Florence for your next getaway.
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