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Living in a small home with a young child can be challenging: There typically isn’t enough space to fully deck out their nursery, and lease restrictions often get in the way of too much decorating. But there are ways you can make the most of limited room space, and design the nursery of your dreams, even in a tight space.

Furniture that saves space

Dresser with changing top

If you want to free up some valuable floor space, start by combining your baby’s changing table with their dresser. This drawer sports a modern look, and it’s also one of the safest, with stops on the drawer glides, a wall anchor to prevent mishaps, and straps on the changing pad to keep your child in place. 

Nursery bookshelves

Turn The Pout-Pout Fish into wall decor with secure, easy-to-install, space-saving wood shelves that organize your child’s growing book collection. Commenters are surprised by the number of books they hold and how their placement encourages their children to read. 

Stuffed animal hammock

Stuffie collections somehow multiply without us realizing it, and the Squishmallow craze isn’t helping matters. Keep your child’s furry friends from taking up valuable sleeping space on their bed or crib by giving them a durable hammock to hang out in. Commenters say these nets are easy to install, with no-damage 3M wall hooks.

Floating nursery shelves

If there’s one thing commenters can agree on about these nursery shelves, it’s the fact that they hold a lot more than they appear to. They are also easy to install, with safe, rounded corners to prevent any injuries. 

Hanging closet shelves

The easiest way to declutter your nursery closet (or store all those cute onesies you received at your baby shower) is with these rugged, modern vertical organizers that hook onto the top rod. You can remove the drawers to add more storage space or rotate ensembles for when your child grows out of their baby clothes.

Add color and personality with decor

Crib bedding set

Smaller spaces can get overwhelmed with color, so sticking with neutral shades or hues is wise to avoid overstimulating your young one. This three-piece bedding set features a cute animal print that can really tie a room together, and it’s woven with a soft microfiber that won’t irritate your baby’s delicate skin.

Nursery wall art decor

Add some gentle whimsy to the walls of your baby’s nursery with these animal prints. They each come with a durable wooden frame that is easy to hang on the walls. 

Blackout curtains

These machine-washable curtains keep the sunlight out of your child’s nursery, and add shimmer with moon and star patterns that will catch their eye. They’re also thermally insulated to keep the room cool in the summer and warm in the winter, and come in various colors to give the nursery some personality.

Peel-and-stick wall decor

Chances are, if you’re renting an apartment, you can’t paint the nursery walls without forfeiting your security deposit. These colorful peel-and-stick decorations don’t damage walls, are easy to apply, and look great.

Little touches can make a big difference

LED night light lamp

If your child’s nursery doesn’t have a lot of space, bring space to the nursery with this dimmable lamp. It can project a starry pattern that cycles through four colors around their room; it also serves as a nightlight, and can help you you see during a late-night feeding. 

Decorative throw pillows

Switching out small details can change the look of your child’s nursery or give it a splash of color. These cushy throw pillows look great on your child’s bed, chair, or reading nook and are the right size for their little hands.

Artificial flower arrangement

These artificial flowers can add a touch of color and elegance to your child’s room; since they’re fake, they’re safe for your kid and won’t overwhelm them with any powerful scents.

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