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If you’ve got a desk, you’d probably benefit from equipping it with a lamp—the lights from your computer screen can feel harsh in the dark, after all. But the best one for you to choose will depend on your specific needs and the features you’ll benefit most from, whether you need charging ports, mobility, or something with a small footprint. Here are several options to check out—all for less than $40.

Desk lamps that help keep you organized

  • A Gondsily LED lamp with a USB charging port and holders for your pens and pencils ($23.99) is a cost-effective way to keep all of your materials organized, especially if you do a lot of work on real-deal paper.
  • A Wanjiaone lamp ($35.99) has the same features as the one above, plus a few extra for just $12 more: A clock face, calendar, and nightlight are built in, making it perfect for staying on track without having to look at your phone (and get distracted).
  • A Mubarek lamp ($29.99) is the opposite: If you want to keep an eye on your phone, it has a holder built right in, plus it comes with the USB port and holders for other tools.
  • Instead of sending light down on your workspace from off to the side, the KableRika desk lamp ($29.99) sits behind and well above your computer or materials, casting light more evenly.

Desk lamps that are portable or space-savers

  • Try a wearable lamp, like this one from Glocusent ($21.99) if you like to read in bed or work from different locations around the house. It sits around your neck like a reverse necklace, casting light in front of you and slightly downward.
  • Another portable and even more economical option is the Woputne desk clip on lamp ($11.99), which can be used on a desk, a headboard, a table, or wherever else you need it—and it has 10 dimmable brightness modes, so you won’t keep anyone up with the light, wherever you are.
  • For a small footprint that doesn’t take up valuable desk space, try the White Crown LED one ($15.98). I personally have this one on the tiny nightstand next to my desk and it works great, has five lighting modes, and comes with a USB port, but what I like best is how small the base is.

(Prices may change at any time.)

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