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Everybody has had their best first date and if you haven’t yet, don’t worry my friend, the day will come soon and it will, by all means, blow your mind. Ah, how do I even begin with it? I think the phrase ‘feeling butterflies in my stomach’ is the aptest representation of how we feel when we’re on a date. It’s all kinds of romantic, adorable, funny and special. Doesn’t matter if it’s with the person you’ve been crushing on for a long time or with the love of your life, first dates have always been the one memory that gets etched on people’s mind and heart. And me being a hopeless romantic myself, went around asking people to share their best first date experiences with me and oh my gosh, I got some romantics in my list, I must say!

Now, before you think why am I sharing these with you guys let me tell that to you myself. We’re all stuck at home. We’re all missing our loved ones. We’re all reminiscing the times we spent together and how we didn’t live it enough at that moment. So while we’re sitting at home and eagerly waiting to meet our partner, reading about a few cute first date experiences shared by people around the country won’t harm, would it? The least it will do is put a smile on your face and I’m all about spreading happiness in these difficult times.

Here’s what these beautiful people have to share about their best first dates!

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