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There’s nothing wrong with being boring. Most of us are, and squares need love too. But a lot of dating profiles are so basic, they’re not even descriptions of a boring person—they’re nonexistent. I’m talking about the people whose bios say they “like having fun,” and whose profile pictures are expressionless mirror selfies.

If you’re a rug cleaner from Bridgeport who goes to church and loves The Office, be proud of that and make it clear in your profile—there’s someone out there even for you. But they won’t find you unless you come off as your beautiful, boring self on Tinder. So avoid phrases that don’t mean anything, like “I love to laugh” (who doesn’t love to laugh?), and don’t post bathroom mirror selfies, pictures of a sunset without you in it, or pictures where you’re holding a fish or petting your friend’s dog.

On the flip side: Don’t try to come off as overly “wacky” or original unless that’s your thing. Honesty is, as they say, the best policy.

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