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Tuesday’s Best Deals | Kinja Deals

It’s March 23, and we at Kinja Deals are here to bring you the top 10 deals of the day. Upgrade your laptop with Apple’s M1-powered MacBook Air. Get over your road rage with the Logitech G923 racing wheel. And clean up your home with the Samsung Jet 70 vacuum.

If you’re still craving more deals, take a peek at Tuesday’s best deals overall.

In the lead-up to the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S launches back in November of last year, I couldn’t go on Twitter without seeing mentions of LG’s CX Series TVs from the people I follow. IGN’s Wesley DeBlanc, PCMag and Tom’s Guide writer Tony Polanco, and even Bugsnax co-creator Philip Tibotoski chimed in at one point or another about their latest pickups. Seemingly the de facto TV for next-gen gaming, the LG CX Series has gone on sale countless times during and in the days since Prime Day/Black Friday/Cyber Monday. This time, however, not only is the 77″ model marked down to $3,297, but it also comes with a $400 Visa gift card and a 2-year warranty that includes burn-in coverage out of the box. So you can rest assured your purchase is protected in the years to come.

The LG CX Series is a 4K OLED TV, complete with Dolby Vision, HDR10, and HLG high dynamic range formats as well as a smooth 120Hz native refresh rate. For gamers, it’s got AMD FreeSync, Nvidia G-Sync, and a sub-1 millisecond response time, perfect for fast-paced action. For everyone else, you can command the TV using Alexa and/or Google Assistant while Apple users can cast content from their phones using AirPlay 2. Its built-in 2.2-channel speaker system features Dolby Atmos, eliminating the need for a discrete soundbar. Of course, you can always tack one on, or set up a true surround sound home theater system by plugging it into the HDMI 2 eARC port.

This type of bargain doesn’t crop up every day, so if you’re already in the market for a new set, Gizmodo’s Sam Rutherford called this one, “the best home tech upgrade I’ve ever made.” High praise from a trusted source.

This deal was originally published by Gabe Carey. 

We’ve seen big discounts on new MacBook Pro models with Apple’s powerful new M1 processor, as well as sizable savings on the M1 Mac Mini, but deals on the slim and speedy MacBook Air haven’t been as consistent just yet. Well, here’s a solid one: right now, Amazon is offering up to $79 off the latest models.

The base model with 256GB is $30 off in gold, sitting at $969, while the larger-capacity 512GB model drops down $79 to just $1,170 in space gray or silver.

Our friends at Gizmodo said the M1 chip makes the MacBook Air “extraordinary,” thanks to fantastic battery life and better performance than some much pricier Windows-based rivals. If you’re on the hunt for a speedy, reliable new laptop, jump on this bargain!

This deal was originally posted by Andrew Hayward.

I’ve got a need. And the only prescription is more speed. Racing enthusiasts can grab Need for Speed Heat for $15 on PC today, which is very, very cheap. What can we say? It’s a fun racing game where you drive a car very fast and avoid cops. You basically becoming a street racing night criminal terrorizing city streets for fun. What’s not to love. The Need for Speed series has been inconsistent over the years, but it is always so pleasurable to just zip around in these games. If you need an escape and want to barrel down a highway for a few hours, this is a very cheap and legal way to do so.

This deal was originally published by Giovanni Colantonio.

You’ve played a racing game, but have you ever really PLAYED a racing game? I’m not talking about moving some joysticks around. I’m talking about holding a big honkin’ wheel and making your digital car turn with it. If you want to bring the thrill of real driving to your games, Logitech’s G923 racing wheel is currently on sale for $350. Logitech’s Trueforce technology integrates directly with a game’s physics to produce more realistic feedback. The package also comes with a pedal set as well, so you really get the full driving experience here. There’s a PS4/PS5 compatible version and one built for Xbox Series X. Both versions work with PC as well. There are more bells and whistles to explore here, so give it a look if you’re looking for a more realistic digital driving experience.

This deal was originally published by Giovanni Colantonio.

When it comes to vacuums, you want something that can suck up debris well. When it comes to vacuum deals, you don’t want one that sucks. See what I did there? That’s a Tuesday pun for all the dads out there. Jokes aside, Samsung currently has a few of its Jet vacuums on sale for those who need a powerful new cleaning device. The sale features a trio of cordless stick vacuums that vary in price and features. The most inexpensive option is the lightweight Jet 70 for $349. Then we move up to the Jet 75, which features a long lasting battery for $399. Finally, there’s the $599 Jet 90, which comes with a dual charging station that can charge two batteries at a time. Whatever you choose, all three of these will get the job done. They suck and that’s a good thing.

This deal was originally published by Giovanni Colantonio. 

Maybe you’ve seen it on TikTok or Instagram, or maybe even in a viral tweet thread. There’s a zillion of ‘em out there, but these galaxy projectors are a sensation, blasting an array of stars and lighting effects onto your wall and ceiling to savor at nighttime.

If you’ve been wondering about these things but weren’t sure which one to snag, here’s a good option: the Riarmo Star Projector is marked down to just $32 at Amazon today, a savings of 20% off the list price.

This start projector has a 4.6-star review average from 4,500+ customers and offers numerous projection modes, plus it has a built-in Bluetooth speaker for playing tunes from your phone. It comes with two physical remotes, in case you lose one, plus you can use voice commands. Bring the stars to you and wind down in the galactic glow with this bargain.

This deal was originally published by Andrew Hayward.

Happy National Puppy Day to our best boys and girls. They deserve a fancy treat for being such gems and putting up with us this year. And what’s the fanciest treat of all? Macarons! Bonne et Filou specialize in pupper versions of the french patisseries, and right now, you can save three boxes, clip the coupon.

You’ll get three boxes, each with six doggy macarons handmade from a 100% natural recipe crafted right here in the USA. This box specifically is made with oat flour, honey, coconut oil, and yogurt filling. The flavors in this bundle are Strawberry, Mint, and Lavender. The mint actually helps if your furry best friend has some bad breath. They’ve also been designed to give your pup a long-lasting chew so they won’t just be chowing these down. They can actually enjoy it. All dog sizes can partake, but if you have an itty bitty furball, maybe cut it into smaller portions. Each batch comes in a beautifully decorated box as if delivered right from a French cafe. They have a one-year shelf life and don’t need to be refrigerated. This is the perfect luxury gift for the best pooch. They earned something nice.

This will ship for free for Prime members.

This deal was originally published by Sheilah Villari.

Naipo Massage Gun | $69 | Amazon | Clip coupon + code 4V66HE4U

Naipo Massage Gun | $69 | Amazon | Clip coupon + code 4V66HE4U
Graphic: Andrew Hayward

Whether you’re dealing with winter’s added aches and pains or added soreness as you tackle fitness resolutions, it might be the ideal time to pick up a percussion muscle massager to pummel away the pain.

Right now, Naipo is offering its massage gun for $69 on Amazon when you clip the coupon and input code 4V66HE4U at checkout, a total savings of $61. It has five levels of intensity for working out your muscle pain and lasts up to seven hours per charge, plus it has five different massage head attachments for targeting different areas of your body. Amazon customers give it a glowing 4.8-star rating with 3,300+ reviews.

This deal was originally published by Andrew Hayward.

There’s so much to be stressed out about nowadays, so why not decompress with a Naipo body massager? Only $33 (down from $100!) when you clip the coupon on the page and use promo code LPG4BA3Z at checkout, you can take advantage of some heated, deep kneaded massaging for your neck, back, shoulders, feet, and legs.

The heat relaxes your muscles, while the actual massage nodes get all the knots out of your body so you can feel somewhat at ease again. This is the lowest price we’ve seen at Amazon in years, and many, many people have gotten satisfaction out of this massager, as evidenced by a 4.4-star rating from 39,000+ reviews.

This deal was originally published by Ignacia Fulcher. 

Adventure and excitement are tricky to pin down these days given travel restrictions and the need for social distancing, but how about finding hidden treasure beneath the ground? That sounds cool, right? Get the hunt started with a Tacklife metal detector, marked down 40% off the list price to just $77 today when you pop in promo code 8UKA4V22 at checkout.

It can find things like gold, silver, and iron beneath the surface and has an adjustable stem to accommodate taller folks, as well as an anti-inference design. It’s even IP68 waterproof for use around water, so now you can be that guy at the beach. Good luck!

This deal was originally published by Andrew Hayward.

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